John S. Miller

A full-time commercial and fashion photographer, John’s work has appeared in publications including Westword, 303 Magazine, and Mile High Sports Magazine. Currently based out of Denver, Colorado, his clients have included: Pure Barre, Amelia Rose Earhart, Nifty Genius, ARTA Tequila, Venetia Vodka, Original Hardware, Kadyluxe, Aspen True, and Icelandic Designs.

“As a father of three, I have a deep love for my family, a passion for photography, visual branding, graphic design and music, coupled with a hope that the world will find redemption and healing. I enjoy travelling the world with my love, Amanda, being amazed by my kids, smoking pipes and cigars (accompanied by a rye bourbon when available), cooking, shooting photographs, designing pretty much anything, listening to Snow Patrol, Broods, and Florence & The Machine, reading fashion magazines, and searching for ways to improve myself and the lives of my family – with God’s help. And I always enjoy an episode of “Stranger Things” on the couch at home.”

~ john